M-TARE: Multi-robot Exploration Planner

(under development)

A preliminary version of M-TARE planner was used by the CMU-OSU Team in attending DARPA Subterranean Challenge.

Final competition result from DARPA Subterranean Challenge in Louisville Mega Cavern, KY. The three robots made the most complete exploration (26 out of 28 sectors) among all teams, winning a "Most Sectors Explored Award".


Reid Simmons
CMU Robotics Institute

Sanjiv Singh
Near Earth Autonomy, Inc.

Howie Choset
CMU Robotics Institute

Jean Oh
CMU NREC & Robotics Institute

Ji Zhang
CMU NREC & Robotics Institute


C. Cao, H. Zhu, Z. Ren, H. Choset, and J. Zhang. Representation Granularity Enables Time-Efficient Autonomous Exploration in Large, Complex Worlds. Science Robotics. vol. 8, no. 80, 2023. [PDF] [Summary Video]


TARE is named after the efforts to develop Technologies for Autonomous Robot Exploration.